ROUTE 1From Zugarramurdi to Sant Jean Pied du Port passing through the Baztán Valley.

This route helps us get to know some villages in Baztán and Iparralde. The first stop is at Amaiur’s Windmill where they offer “talos”, corn bread which is typically eaten with txistorra, but can also be served with other ingredients. Further on, we have Erratzu where we can find Santxotena’s garden full of his wooden sculptures. These sculptures are closely related to the Agote’s history. After we can find Xorroxin’s Waterfalls, which are born from the Baztán-Bidasoa river and end in the waterfall. Continuing towards France, through Izpegui’s road you can appreciate its unique views and enjoy the restaurants where they serve homemade dishes. Further down the valley you reach Saint Etiène de Baigorri and finish at Saint Jean de Pied du Port, a walled Basque-French community which is also where St. James’ Way starts. On your way back you drive past Cambó les Bains, Ainhoa, Espelette, and finally arrive at Zugarramurdi.

ROUTE 2 – From Zugarramurdi to Hondarribia passing through Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Coast route. This route takes us into Sare’s village to continue towards Ascain. Halfway there you can find the train that takes you to the top of La Rhune mountain, which is the highest mountain around the area (900 m). Continuing the route you can visit Saint Jean de Luz, followed by Sokoa and Hendaya down “La Cornisse” road. This road is known for the amazing ocean views. To finish the route you can stop at Hondarribia for some pintxos and to visit the old part of the city. To come back we shall follow the N-121 A all the way to “Bera de Bidasoa” as a shortcut to Zugarramurdi.

ROUTE 3 – Visit "Hell's Windmill" (Infernuko Errota).

On this route towards Etxalar there are a few stops that can be made. Firstly, “Kortariko Gasna” is a cheese factory with Idiazabal certificate. They offer guided visits, and have a shop where you can find all their products on sale. Later on, the “Etxebertzekoborda” restaurant is a great option in which to stop for lunch. From there, there is a 40 minute walk to the first ever built watermill in Navarra. It is a magical path full of centenary trees that follows “Hell’s River” in which you can take a bath. To finish off, you can visit Etxalar, a lovely town, and will head home following “Bera de Bidasoa’s” road.

ROUTE 4- From Haitz Etxea to Leurtza's resevoir and the Ancient Eugi Factory

ROUTE 5 – The Sempere Lake.

A route to spend the day at Sempere Lake in Saint Pée sur Nivelle. You can also visit Espellete, known for growing chorizo peppers, and Ainhoa for its beautiful churches and houses. 

ROUTE 6 – Irrisarriland, an Adventure Park with zip lines, segways, mountain bikes, and more.

After spending a wonderful day at the park, you can visit Santesteban with its streets and houses built from 1700-1800, continuing to Elizondo (Baztán's capital). Later on you follow the "N-212 B" to Zugarramurdi. 


Kakueta's Gorges is a beautiful place that takes you through a walkway to a great waterfall. You can look at it from underneath and above, and can also visit the cave in which it is born.

ROUTE 8 – Visit the Oxocelhaya caves in Hasparren.